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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chuy's Mexican Grill

Oh my gosh, today was a food adventure for us!  We've been frequenting Chuy's for years.  They're famous for their Eclectic... way out there...decor.  I love it!  Elvis is everywhere,  Flying fish (I think they're fish), tattooed-looking walls, old Records, hub caps!  It's fun and colorful!  The phrase, so commonly used from Austinites... "Keep Austin Weird"... fits Chuy's description to a tee.  I've always been devoted to their crazy, huge burritos.  I prefer chicken with Verde (green) sauce.  Today, I tried a new dish.  The Southwestern Enchilada!  It was totally not what I expected.  It was so much more!  It was even topped with a Sunny Side up egg!  I thought to myself... "OK.... Not sure about this"!  My daughter ordered the same.  Our eyes were wide, staring at our enchilada plate for at least 5 minutes before we decided to tackle it!  Trust me when I say, this was no ordinary enchilada plate!  It was made with blue corn tortillas, pulled shredded chicken, cheese, tomatillo sauce... and a sunny side up egg!  We laughed, and immediately thought of "Man Versus Food" from the Travel Channel! Anyway, we tried it, liked it, and had plenty of leftovers to bring home!  Two Thumbs up for the Southwestern Enchilada plate at Chuy's!

At this time, I only have an Iphone Camera.  These pictures do not do the place justice... You've GOT to see it in person to catch the true vibe!  All I can say is... When in Austin... go to Chuy's!

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