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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Texas Xeriscapes

Now that we live in the country, we've got alot of landscaping to think about. I've thought about it all winter, actually.  How lovely it will be here, once Spring sets in.  In our other home, my sister and I worked on creating a blank slate into a lovely flower filled yard, with Crepe myrtles, Gardenia, a fruit tree...  It was so fragrant and wonderful.  Of course, we had a tinier yard.
In this home, our property is lined with around 10 wonderful pecan trees.  They're huge!  We have a Mimosa Tree, which I can't wait to see bloom.  In the back is a gorgeous Magnolia Tree!  My mother in law planted some Rosemary out front, which are thriving so nicely.  But still, I can't wait to add some of my own personal touches.  My thoughts are that I need some "no fuss" and drought resistant plants.  I found some very nice inspirational pics of Texas Xeriscapes and plants that I am loving!  I found some on the Sibley Nature Center website, Texas A&M Hotriculture website, Landscape Design and Consultation from Elizabeth Klein, MyHouse Magazine, and Greener Magazine.  I am posting some of them.

Gorgeous Bush Lantana

This is called Cigar Plant

  Ducher Rose

Not sure or their name, but I like them!

From Lauren Springer Ogden's website

I thought this was so nice, with the flagstone and bricks.

They're a little hard to see in this picture, but this picture is of Trumpet Vines.

Texas Mountain Laurel.  I've got to have this!

Xeriscape from Greener Magazine

Texas Redbud

Texas' State Flower... The Bluebonnet!
I do get some of these.  They grow wild.  I wish my whole yard was a field full of them... like this one!  

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